digicast works at the intersection of design, technology, and culture.
We shape products that enhance consumers’ entertainment
experiences and connected lives, while fitting smoothly into the
rhythm of their everyday.

Performance, capacity and bandwidth increase exponentially: nearly
every year the power of information technologies doubles. To keep up
with this rapid growth, the innovation rate of new products and services
requires a new speed to market.

digicast specializes in overcoming technical obstacles
to develop simple, attractive products for the mass market.
We know the aesthetics of technology.

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We think at the intersection of design, technology, and culture.

When are technologies disruptive? Should the user really be at the center of design? How do new technologies change peoples’ lives? What makes for good hardware? Where do we go from here?

We’d love to help you expand your thoughts with our expert know how. Book us for workshops or lectures:

Jérôme Richter:
“Where do we go from here?” Jerome works to answer this question: he finds the newest technologies and identifies the most innovative business models those technologies industry enable.
Kirsten Wagner:
“What comprises successful communication?” This question lies at the heart of Kirsten Wagner’s work. A telecommunications expert, she understands the many dimensions of communication.

Interested in Working for digicast?

digicast is a growth-oriented company. We are always looking for new colleagues who can bring creativity, technical know-how, and a keen understanding of the meaning of technology in everyday life, to our company. We are looking for ambitious, innovative and resourceful thinkers to join our team.

If you are interested in getting to know digicast, in addition to forwarding us your CV, please tell us about your perspective on the broadband entertainment industry.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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